As competitiveness in the premier class continues to climb, it’s only adding to the obstacles that privateer riders must overcome in order to qualify for a Main Event. Supercross athletes are easily some of the most physically capable and fit humans on earth which means that to compete at the premier level, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the support of a factory team behind you. Now, it’s not impossible to qualify for a Main Event as a privateer, but during the Triple Crown format you are battling not only to be part of the “Fast 40”, but have to push to be in the Top 18 during qualifying if you even want a chance at the Night Show. 

RONNIE STEWART is easily one of the hardest working riders in the pits who continuously shows up ready to prove he belongs out there. After a hiatus in 2018, the #606 of Stewart returned to racing in 2019 at Anaheim 1. As the quintessential definition of a privateer, Ronnie is running his own program from top to bottom with the assistance of his wife Brooke. Ronnie is not only a rider trying to consistently qualify for a Main Event, but also performs most of his own bike maintenance throughout race day. This guy is the real deal and his results in the last two rounds are evidence of the hard work he (and Brooke) put in day after day. Round 3 of Monster Energy Supercross would mark the second weekend in a row that the #606 was lined up at the starting gate with 21 of the other best Supercross riders on the planet. Sure, most other media sites might focus the entirety of their race coverage on the Top 5 guys, but it’s the privateers who are truly the backbone of our sport and where the lack in factory support, the make up tenfold in heart and dedication. Qualifying for two Main Events in a row as a full on privateer is no easy feat and should definitely be recognized. It will be great to track Ronnie’s progress as the season rolls on.

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