Lake Elsinore, CA. January 21, 2019. Over the weekend at Angel Stadium in Anaheim California, Ronnie Stewart made his first Supercross Triple Crown. 

 Leading up to the third Supercross round (second at Angel Stadium), Ronnie decided to stay in Arizona to avoid the rain that took over Southern California. This gave him the ability to recover right away from the Phoenix Supercross, his first main event of the year. 

Thanks to the Dirt Wurxs crew, the track was well prepped and ready for racing come Saturday. With the Triple Crown format, the riders were hungry to throw down their fastest lap in practice, battling for top 18, which would transfer them straight to the main event. Ronnie fell just short of that with an overall qualifying position of 22nd. This did however, set him up for a good gate pick in the LCQ race which was broadcasted on Supercrosslive. 

 Out of the third turn Ronnie was up front and running fourth, but the process wasn’t easy as he was then passed by another rider. Hungry and determined Ronnie stayed focused, shifting his composure to zoning in on making the pass back. Another lap around and Ronnie made a nice clean pass securing the forth place, and final transfer spot, once again. 

 Ronnie went on to compete in all three triple crown main events, each running 12 minutes long plus one lap. He went 20-20-20 with 22nd overall.

“I’m thrilled to have made my first Triple Crown and to have experienced it from a riders prospective. I’m so thankful to have made two out of three main events so far this Supercross season, and look forward to what’s ahead.”

Ronnie competes this coming Saturday at the Coliseum in Oakland, CA. 

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The below photos are from Chris “Brown Dog Wilson” Ganz. Photo credit @browndogwilson on social media.