• MX 207 (map)
  • 53 Bartlett Bridge Rd
  • Lyman ME 04002
  • US

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Monday July 9th 7:30am - 5:00pm

MX 207 (Lyman, ME)

All skill level from 65cc and up (50cc riders must be advanced for this class) 

Over night parking permitted (Sunday).

Full $150 is due at the time of sign-up. In the event of a cancelation a $50 retainer is non-refundable.



Motocross School at MX207

Welcome to the RSR Racing Shifting Gears project. During our riding school, we will define fundamental aspects creating safetylongevity and results. Students will be instructed in body positioning, cornering, braking, jumping, throttle control, gear selection, line choices, starting procedures, decision making, mental game, sponsor relations, bike setup and maintenance, fitness and nutrition overview. We are patient and dedicated to giving our riders an everlasting experience filled with instruction and fun. In return, through our eyes, we get to see others in - the pursuit of passion. It’s time to shift gears and take the first step to the next level. Run through the signup process below to secure your spot in the class. After you have completed signup, you will be contacted within 48 hours (or two business days) to schedule your initial phone consultation. This school is limited to 20 riders.

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